The guide for cleaning the kitchen worktop

A kitchen worktop is one of those things that be missed in our house, but the material should be chosen with everyones taste. if its granite or ceramic your worktop must stay clean to not contaminate any elements and keep your kitchen beautiful. CLEANING A KITCHEN WORKTOP IN GRANITE A

Acrylic worktops

Worktops can transform a kitchen, but there are so many options. Acrylic ,Compact ,wood , Laminate , Stone and much more. The Acrylic worktops now available with brand names including  Minerva ,Apollo Slab tech ,Mistral ,Mirostone , HI-Macs ,Corian, Staron and much more brands. Ambitious kitchen designs because it can be shaped

worktops Care

You’ve probably read that your kitchen may be the dirtiest room in your home. That shouldn’t be any big surprise. You use it for food preparation, and where there’s food, there’s bacteria. Food doesn’t have to be rotten to become a breeding ground for bacteria, either. Kitchen worktops  like  Acrylic ,

Worktops are the most important part of your kitchen

Worktops are the most important part of your kitchen. Not only do they need to look good, but they also have to withstand heat, oil, water, bumps and scrapes. The best kitchen worktops do this and so much more, bringing style and substance to one of the busiest areas of

Mirostone worktops kitchen Benefits

Mirostone is a range of versatile worksurfaces that have all the beauty and feel of natural stone combined with exceptional practicality. Read on to Mirostone worktops kitchen discover all of the features and benefits of Mirostone. is the ideal kitchen surface. This image shows you some of the practical and

Minerva Worktops

One more worktop installation  completed in Minerva with invisible joints    

Compact Laminate Worktop Fitting in kitchen

Compact laminate worktops combine the benefits of hardwearing laminate with an extremely-thin edge for a sleek and contemporary look that is easy to maintain. Great for style-conscious households, compact laminate countertops fit seamlessly into a pared-back scheme, the slim horizontal lines enhancing a clutter-free feel and keeps visual distractions to

Worktop Apollo Slab Tech for kitchen 2022

Apollo Slab Tech Worktops Slab Tech worktops is a solid surface worktop for your kitchen. Apollo Slab Tech offers the warm and seamless look of standard solid surface with certain colours also having the added benefit of the appearance of natural stone. Apollo Slab Tech is easy to install and

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